John Pham
Dean and Chief Academic Officer
Earlanda Williams
Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Assistant Dean of Clinical Education, Core Site Director
Steve Mifflin
Associate Dean for Research and Innovation
Michael Mohr
Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education
Adam Ratner
Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives, Professor
Douglas Warden
Assistant Dean of Medical Education
Rachel Bingham
Senior Director, Accreditation and Professional Development
Carol Browne, DO, FACOFP
Chair of Osteopathic Principles and Practice, Professor
Lori Kels
Chair of Clinical Science Faculty, Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Irina Nizamutdinova, MD, PhD
Chair of Applied Biomedical Sciences, Associate Professor of Anatomy
Natalie Slater
Chair of Clinical Affairs, Clerkship Director, Associate Professor
Asma Ali
Director of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Support
Clinical Outreach and Standardized Patient Manager
Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Program Evaluation Coordinator
Robert Allen
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
a face of a staff member
Library Assistant
Amando Garza, MD
Internal Medicine Associate Program Director - Laredo
Amar Sunkari, MD
Clerkship Director of Internal Medicine
Curriculum Scheduling Coordinator
Taylor Aoughsten
Residency Program Manager
Associate Professor
Asish Chaudhuri, PhD
SIGS Facilitator
Linda Baker-Webber
Willed Body Program Coordinator
Andriy Batchinsky
Director of Translational Medicine
Mary A. Bernal
Phone: (210) 841-7261
Psychiatry Residency Program Manager - San Antonio Sports Medicine Program Coordinator
Jessica Bradley, PhD
Associate Professor
Bridget Thackeray, DO
Family Medicine Program Director – San Antonio
Carlos Camargo
Technical Support Specialist
Admissions Coordinator
Celeste Alvarez
Clinical Administrative Support Manager
Phone: (210) 660-6739
Robert Chalk
Willed Body Program Director
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
CIELO Assistant
Damaso Oliva, MD
Assistant Professor
Director of Mission Integration
Kimberly DeLaFuente
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Phase II Coordinator
Eliot J. Young, MD
Sports Medicine Fellowship Program Director – San Antonio
Research Associate
Administrative Assistant
John Etlinger
Clerkship Director of Surgery
Roberto Fajardo, PhD
Associate Professor
Dawn Field
Medical Informatics Librarian
Destinee Flores
Master's Program Coordinator
Jaydee Foster
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator
Gabriel Rodriguez, MD
Core Site Director
Amanda Galán-Davila
Assistant Professor
Sylvia Garay-Martinez
Clinical and Applied Science Education Coordinator
Georgina DeLaGarza
Clerkship Coordinator
Austin Glamser, MD
SIGS Facilitator
Nadia L. Gómez-Valdez, MD
SIGS Facilitator
Priscilla Gonzalez
CIELO Operations Manager
Heather Aguirre, DO
Clerkship Director
Blandine Helfrich
Professor of Pathology
Laura Hernandez
Phase I (A) Coordinator
Hilary Christensen, DO
Assistant Professor
Bernard Hildebrand
Internal Medicine Program Director – San Antonio
Felix Hull, MD
SIGS Facilitator
Karen Jaceldo-Siegl, DrPH, MS
Director and Associate Professor, Master of Public Health
Blaine Jacobs
Associate Professor
Jason C. Miller, DO
Psychiatry Program Director – San Antonio
Kira Casares
Admissions Recruiter
Director of Student Affairs
Sarah Lang, PhD
Director of Academic Support
Clerkship Director
Leopoldo Cobos Salinas, MD
Assistant Professor
Psychiatry Residency Program Coordinator – San Antonio
Director of Faculty Development
John LoCurto, JD
Assistant Professor
Raul Marin, MD
Associate Professor
Admissions Recruiter
Faculty Affairs and CME Coordinator
James Mayberry, MD
Assistant Professor
Terence McGarvey, PhD
Associate Professor
Rohini Mehta, MD
Clerkship Director, Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Robert Miller, PhD
Director of Assessment and Program Evaluation
Scheel Nayar, DO
Clerkship Director
Nicole Flores
Anatomical Services Coordinator
Nora Galvan
Internal Medicine Residency Program Manager - Laredo
Paula Bilica, DO
Assistant Professor
Joseph Pulcini, MD
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Rafael Deliz, MD
Associate Professor
Raisa De La Rosa
Enrollment Services Coordinator
Clinical Site Coordinator
Vineet Ravoori
Data and Systems Management Analyst
Rene Renteria, PhD
Associate Professor
Technical Support Specialist
Robyn Phillips-Madson, DO, MPH, FACOFP
Professor of Family Medicine
Director of Credentialing Services
Ryan Cruz, MD
Clerkship Director
Frank Salazar
Phase II Coordinator
Rebecca Sanchez, PhD
Assistant Professor of Microbiology
Hector Santos
Internal Medicine Program Director - Laredo
John Seidenfeld, MD, MSHA
Associate Professor
Shakira Gray
Admissions Records Coordinator
Shawn Williams, DO
Assistant Professor
Jamie Skinner
Internal Medicine Residency Program Manager – San Antonio
Robert Slater, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Linda Solis, PhD
Assistant Professor
Aaron Soria
Clinical Skills and Health Information Specialist
Hazim Thomas
Director of Enrollment Services
Martin Timoney
Director of Residency Advising
Sally Tobin
Senior Administrative Assistant
Brenda Trevino
Director of Graduate Medical Education
Valeria Lopez Gomez
Family Medicine Residency Program Coordinator - Laredo
Leticia Vargas
Core Site Director
Venesa Matthews
Learning Specialist
Victor Gonzalez, MD
Psychiatry Associate Program Director - San Antonio
Christine Vidouria
Assistant Professor
Melissa Walker, DO
Assistant Professor
Lora Watts, PhD
Chair of Clinical and Applied Science Education
TimMarie Williams
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Yumi Yaguchi
Director of Library Services
Dominique Yang-Kim
Assistant Professor
Yolanda Rangel, PhD
Associate Professor
Adam Zuniga, MA
Community Engagement Coordinator at UIWSOM
Mark Zuniga
Healthcare Simulation Support Specialist