Giving SOM

Soon, the School of Osteopathic Medicine will have its own network of alumni supporting future generations of physicians and helping fund facilities, research and community outreach.

For now, our ability to address the chronic shortage of physicians in Texas, and our ability to recruit the best students regardless of financial need, both depend on external support. It comes from the University, from student families, and from private donors who want to share in our mission.

Your support has more impact right now than ever.

  • University-wide, more than 79% of our students receive need-based grants, scholarships and financial aid, but still have a gap in covering the cost of attendance.

  • In the School of Osteopathic Medicine, up to $10,000 a year of need-based support is available through the University’s Mission Grant program. The rest of a student’s $58,716.30 tuition and fees must be covered through their own funding, private scholarships and loans.

Here’s how to help us build a better medical future for Southeast Texas.


  • Help build our reputation by recruiting and interviewing prospective students and/or serving as a clinical preceptor. Click here to sign up to interview.


  • Help us make strategic investments in learning, technology, faculty research programs and capital enhancements. Donate here.

As one of 34 American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) institutions in the United States, we help educate a share of more than 30,000 future physicians — 25 percent of all U.S. medical students.