Getting Started in Research

UIWSOM faculty and learners value scholarly inquiry as a vital component of the educational process. Here we provide some of the topics to consider as you develop a research project. Under each topic are links to other sites, videos and reading materials to help you develop a project. Contact ORI if you have additional questions. Good luck!

American Osteopathic Association guide to students interested in starting research.

Research Resources

UIW IRB resources and guidelines

Before you begin your research, please visit the Guidance to the IRB Process page to determine the type of IRB review your research might need.

Literature reviews are the first step in any academic research cycle. Watch this webinar as Melissa Schmidt, Director of the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, gives tips for putting together a quality systematic literature review.

Designing and executing a high-quality systematic literature review

Things to consider when making posters (from Science and Nature)

Free resources for making quality poster images

Poster resources from UIWSOM

The purpose of this resource is to highlight best practices related to data management and sharing so that you can ensure your data can be understood, used and built upon by you, your collaborators and other scholars.

Data Management and Sharing - UIW Office of Research and Graduate Studies