Faculty Research Projects at UIWSOM

Follow the links below to read about the achievements of individual faculty (faculty profiles), meetings where our faculty present the results of their research (conference presentations), extramural and intramural sources of funding support for faculty research, research presentations and publications of our Graduate Medical Education fellows (GME research). If you are interested in participating in UIWSOM research studies please follow the available research opportunities link.

Research Projects

  • Slater NF, Nizamutdinova I, Jacobs BA, Slater RT 3rd, Bradley JM. Integrating physiology into the first two years of a new osteopathic medical school curriculum. Front Physiol. 2023 Aug 11;14:1175662. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2023.1175662. PMID: 37637143; PMCID: PMC10450911.
  • Bustamante-Helfrich B, Santa Maria E, Bradley J et al.Collaborative faculty development transforms evaluation at a school of osteopathic medicine: an exploratory grounded theory study [version 1; peer review: 2 approved with reservations]. MedEdPublish 2022, 12:41 (https://doi.org/10.12688/mep.18986.1)
  • Genetic ablation of caspase-2 decreases muscle function in female mice.
    • Experimental Biology, San Diego, CA
  • A three-dimensional model of the pterygopalatine fossa significantly enhances the learning experience
  • Neuromuscular function during aging is protected in baicalein-treated C57BL/6 mice
    • Both at Experimental Biology, Orlando, FL
  • Local Expression of HMGB1, TLR4, AQP5 and TGFΒ1 in ARDS Due to Smoke Inhalation and Burns in Swine Treated with Minimally Invasive Extracorporeal Life Support
    • Military Health System Research Symposium, Kissimee, FL
  • Low-Flow Veno-Venous Extracorporeal Life Support Does Not Exacerbate the Coagulopathy of Trauma After Smoke Inhalation and 40% TBSA Burn in Swine
    • 30th Annual Extracorporeal Life Support Organization Conference. Austin, TX
  • Assessing Hip Surgery Outcomes in the State of Texas: Are Outcomes Equal Across Race and Ethnicity
  • Annual Conference of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (poster)
  • Advancing Research in Osteopathic Medicine
  • Texas Osteopathic Medical Association (invited speaker)
  • Deep Learning-based Bone Segmentation of Computed Tomography Data Outperforms Other Automatic Methods
  • Annual Conference of the Orthopaedic Research Society (podium)

UIW Sources of Funding

UIWSOM Sources of Funding

UIWSOM Faculty Seed Grant Research Award (FSGRA) applications will be accepted at any time during the year. The duration of the award will be one year from the start date determined by the RSAC.

Please contact the Office of Research and Innovation if you have questions.

UIWSOM Faculty Seed Grant:

UIWSOM Research Poster Printing

The poster printing procedure is for the payment of funds to reimburse faculty for poster printing when no other travel funds are being requested.

Publication Cost for Research and Scholarly Activity

The Office of Research and Innovation provides funding support to defray or cover the costs of publications arising from the research and scholarly activity efforts of UIWSOM faculty.

Extramural Funding