Compliance and Research Support Services at UIWSOM

Follow the links below to read about the various regulatory requirements to perform research at UIWSOM (UIWSOM research compliance), the research administrative staff available to assist faculty and students in their research endeavors, the core lab equipment available for faculty and student use in their research, and procedures and training that promote and maintain regulatory compliance (UIW Environmental health, safety and risk management). Learn more about the resources available at the UIWSOM library. Links to several journals of importance in the osteopathic community are provided.

Jaydee Foster

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Through years of research, Ms. Foster has obtained skills in wet lab techniques, protocol development, anatomical dissection, microCT, lab management, scientific manuscript writing, grant writing and administrative duties. This has built the foundation of her knowledge in the complete process of research. With superior time management skills and having a detail-oriented mind, she is proficient in managing and coordinating multiple projects at a time. Ms. Foster is qualified to aid in editing and reviewing manuscripts and IRB applications. As the Senior Clinical Research Coordinator for CASE, her services are available to any faculty that is currently conducting research or looking to start the research process. She would love to meet and speak with anyone interested in pursuing research. It is her position as the Senior Clinic Research Coordinator to uphold professional objectivism in any research project.

Also, Ms. Foster updates and maintains the Research department website. If you have any information you would like to see on the website, please feel free to contact her.


Elyssa Nunez

Research Associate

Elyssa Nunez works for the Clinical and Applied Science Education (CASE) Department. She received her B.S. in Biochemistry from Texas A&M University in 2020. She began work in a drug discovery laboratory while still an undergraduate, working with animals to test drug efficacy. Following graduation, she continued work in the drug development field, working with protein synthesis, drug screening, and crystallography. She also has experience in the medical field, having worked as a Medical Assistant. With her combined knowledge of biochemistry and medicine, she is well equipped to handle any project a researcher is interested in pursuing.

Elyssa works under the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation, Dr. Mifflin, to help professors expand their research and incorporate medical students. She works in the wet lab, bringing any research ideas of our faculty to life as well as training students, helping expand their skill set, knowledge and resumes.

When not at work, Elyssa enjoys spending her free time baking, volunteering at her church, or playing fetch with her black lab, Cooper.


The shared lab space at the University of the Incarnate Word's School of Osteopathic Medicine is well equipped for a number of analytical approaches in biomedical research. First, it has a fully equipped histology facility including the latest generation equipment from ThermoFisher's histology division: Excelsior AS tissue processor, Histostar paraffin embedding station, Gemini AS automated tissue stainer, rotary microtome and a Cyrostart NX50 cryotome for specialized tissues. The lab is also fully equipped for tissue-block accession with a PrintMate for cassette printing and the SyntriArcos cassette database logging system for tissue block cataloging.


In addition, the lab is equipped with a full suite of Qiagen equipment that facilitates DNA/RNA analyses and automates many of the steps: Qiacube for automated sample preparation, QIAxpert nanodrop for determining sample quality, and the Roto-Gene thermocycler for DNA/RNA analyses. Wet lab facilities are also available in the lab for cell culture (biosafety cabinet, Sorvall ST16R cooled centrifuge, Heracell VIOS 160i CO2 controlled incubator) and cell line storage (ThermoFisher Locator, Jr, Plus cryotank).


Cell culture and tissue section imaging are facilitated by two  microscopes: Olympus IX73 inverted microscope and a BX46 upright microscope. Both systems are equipped with Olympus cameras for image capture.

Metabolic Testing

A COSMED K5 wearable metabolic measurement system is available for faculty interested in making measurements of oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, ventilation, heart rate energy expenditure and more. The K5 is a lightweight instrument that can be worn on the back using a harness and data can be stored in the unit or directly transmitted to a computer via Bluetooth. This provides complete freedom of movement of the subject, untethered to any fixed object, to perform exercise or other protocols. Also, the K5 can be mounted on a table for resting measurements in non-moving or non-exercise protocols.