Incoming Students

MBS Class of 2024

Congratulations and welcome to the UIWSOM Master of Biomedical Sciences Program. The faculty and staff are enthusiastic about your arrival in the fall. We look forward to providing you with an intensive educational experience that will catapult your future career.

Please continue to check this webpage regularly for updated information.

To Accept the Offer of Admission

Acknowledgment of Acceptance and Confirmation Form

By submitting the Acknowledgment of Acceptance and Confirmation Form below, I agree to the following:

  • Submit the non-refundable $200 deposit within two weeks of receipt of acceptance.
  • Complete the required immunizations, background check and drug screen prior to Aug. 1, 2024.
  • Provide proof of individual or family medical insurance or purchase the available UIW student healthcare plan.
  • Submit any outstanding final, official college or university transcripts prior to matriculation.
  • Attend the MBS orientation week.

Pay the required $200 MBS Matriculation/Seat Deposit. This fee is non-refundable.

Once the Acknowledgment Form and deposit are received, UIWSOM will send a confirmation email within two business days.

Save the Dates

MBS Orientation: Week of Aug. 19, 2024
  • Contact the Office of Student Affairs at if you have any questions. 
  • If needed, IT appointments will be scheduled for TBD
Classes for the MBS program begin Aug. 26, 2024.
UIWSOM is offering campus tours to accepted MBS learners and up to three guests. All tours must be scheduled in advance since availability is based on current DO learners' schedule. Review the tour dates and schedule your tour.

Matriculation Requirements: Deadline Aug. 1, 2024 (unless noted below)

Official transcripts indicating successful completion of prerequisite coursework are required for all learners by Aug. 1, 2024. If a learner has incomplete prerequisite coursework, the acceptance letter will indicate the needed course(s). All required courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. (C- is not accepted.)

Official and final transcripts are required from all prior institutions confirming in-progress grades are resolved and conferral of a bachelor's degree by Aug. 1, 2024. If a learner has outstanding transcripts, the acceptance letter will indicate the transcript(s) needed.

  • Official transcripts can be sent electronically to or mailed to UIW Document Receiving at 4301 Broadway, CPO #304, San Antonio, Texas 78209.
The UIWSOM Financial Agreement outlines the UIW and UIWSOM policies regarding registration, health insurance and billing. Agreement to these terms is required prior to matriculation to UIWSOM and valid for the duration of enrollment at UIW and/or UIWSOM. It must be completed by Aug. 1, 2024.
  1. Register for an account with CITI.
    1. For your Organization Affiliation, select "University of the Incarnate Word"
    2. For the Institutional Email Address, you may use your personal email address
    3. For the Department, enter SOM Learner
    4. For Role, select "Student Researcher - Graduate Level"
  2. On the Select Curriculum page, select the following options:
    1. Question 1, select "Human Subjects Research" and "Other Courses"
    2. Question 3 (Other courses), select "Biosafety/Biosecurity (BSS) courses" and "Information Privacy and Security IPS"
    3. Question 4, select "NO, I have NOT completed the Basic Course"
    4. Question 9, select "School of Osteopathic Medicine Students and Residents (IPS)"
    5. Question 11, select "Biomedical Research Investigators"
    6. Question 13, select "School of Osteopathic Medicine Students"
  3. The following three courses should be available:
    1. School of Osteopathic Medicine Students (fulfills the HIPAA requirement)
    2. Human Subjects Research for Biomedical Research Investigators - Basic/Refresher (fulfills the OSHA requirement)
    3. School of Osteopathic Medicine Students Residents (fulfills the Biomedical Research requirement)
    4. If a course is missing, select "Add a Course" and follow the instructions from Step 2.
  4. Complete the three required courses.
  5. Download the Completion Report for each course.
    1. Select My Records
    2. For each course, select "Completion Record" view-print-share (the Completion Report will show the scores for the modules)
  6. Upload the completion report for all three required training to SentryMD by Aug. 1, 2024. Instructions provided in the SentryMD Document Submission section below.
For questions regarding CITI training requirements, contact Ms. Shakira Gray at

No cost to student.

Order your background check and drug test using UIWSOM Background Check and Drug Test Order Link (UIWSOM only accepts background checks and drug tests ordered through this link).

  • You will receive a PDF of the background check results and drug test results. Upload all records to SentryMD. Instructions provided in the SentryMD document Submission section below.
  • For discrepancies on background check results, contact Ms. Shakira Gray at for additional instructions.
  • "Negative dilute" results are not accepted. This is often caused by drinking too much water prior to the drug test. Please contact Ms. Shakira Gray at for additional instructions.
  • For positive drug test results, contact Ms. Shakira Gray for additional instructions.

For questions regarding ordering the background check and drug test, contact PreCheck at or (866) 961-6587.

UIWSOM learners are required to obtain and provide proof of the following immunizations and physical exam. Detailed information for each requirement can be found on the Immunization and Physical Exam Requirements page.

  • Tuberculosis
  • Tdap
  • Polio
  • MMR, Hep B, Varicella
    • Quantitative titer showing immunity is required for each one.
    • Even if you have completed the vaccine series, a titer is required to show immunity.
    • If you have to complete an entire Hep B, Varicella, and/or MMR vaccine series, as long as you are uploading the documentation for each dose, Sentry MD will mark it as "In-process" until the next dose or titer is due.
    • The "In-process" status is okay for matriculation, as it lets us know you are working to complete the series, which takes multiple months to complete.
  • Bacterial Meningitis
  • Physical Exam
    • Must be completed using the UIWSOM Physical Exam Form (pdf).
    • Form must be dated and contain either a stamp of business card detailing the medical facility's name, address and telephone number.
    • If the provider does not have a stamp or business card, the medical facility's name, address and telephone number must be written in the "Place Provider's Stamp Here" box.
  • Upload all records to SentryMD by Aug. 1, 2024. Instructions provided in the SentryMD Document Submission section below.

For questions regarding immunization and physical exams, contact Ms. Shakira Gray at

*Documents must be uploaded by Aug. 1, 2024.

UIWSOM uses SentryMD to collect, monitor and store the following important documentation:

  • CITI training completion reports
  • Background check results
  • Drug test results
  • Immunization records
  • Physical exam results

Your SentryMD account will be created on/before Aug. 1, 2024. Once your account has been created, visit the SentryMD website and select "Create or reset password." You may then enter your personal email address to request a token and reset/create a unique personal password.

All required documentation can then be uploaded in the "Documents" section.

For technical support or questions about a document you uploaded, contact SentryMD at

Miscellaneous Tasks

Beginning July 29, 2024, UIWSOM completes registration for all learners. Learners do not need to self-register. SOM will send a confirmation email once registration is completed.
  • Learners may view their tuition bill, enroll in a payment plan or make payments after course registration is complete on Aug. 5, 2024. Learners do not need to register for classes. SOM will complete registration and send a confirmation email once completed.
  • Tuition statements and payments are accessible through the UIW portal, Cardinal Apps and the ePayment Center. Tuition is due by the first day of class for each semester. Please refer to UIWSOM Tuition and Payments for a detailed listing of anticipated costs by semester and tuition deadlines.
  • Learners that receive scholarships from National Health Service Corps or the Health Professions Scholarship Programs (Military or Veterans Administration) should notify SOM Enrollment Services at Scholarship documentation needing signatures can also be sent to SOM Enrollment.
  • Learners who wish to apply for financial aid should complete the 2024 - 2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The 2024 - 2025 FAFSA is available at Use school code 003578 for the University of the Incarnate Word. The UIW School of Osteopathic Medicine is not listed separately. Financial aid offers are sent in May 2024.
UIWSOM does not offer student housing. San Antonio offers a variety of housing options within close proximity to UIWSOM. However, learners should select housing that is most ideal for their needs and budget.
Learners are responsible for self-reporting any needed accommodations and providing all required documentation in a timely manner to the UIW Office of Student Disability Services (SDS).
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Review UIW's FERPA policies and learn how to grant proxy access, if appropriate.
Scrubs can be purchased from any supplier. The tops and bottoms must be the same color. If you are in the San Antonio area, Classic Uniforms is recommended. Please inform them that you are a UIWSOM MBS student. They can be reached at (210) 525-0200 or visit the store at 8507 N. McCullough, Suite B-3, San Antonio, Texas 78216.
The Likeness Release Agreement allows UIW to use your image, voice and/or likeness in UIW products or services.