Frequently Asked Questions


MBS students share faculty and facilities, including the cadaver lab, with learners in the DO program.

If interested, students enrolled in the MBS program automatically receive the supplement application for the DO program with the $50 fee waived. In addition, they are guaranteed an interview. 

We offer guaranteed admission to those with a minimum 503 MCAT and cumulative GPA of 3.5 at the conclusion of the MBS program. 


The class size is 45-50 students.

  • Cumulative GPA - 3.31
  • Science GPA - 3.17
  • Average MCAT - 497
  • Average GRE - 306
  • Average DAT - 18

Over the last three years, about 60% of MBS students who applied were admitted to the UIWSOM DO program.

  • Undergraduate GPA-3.3
  • Undergraduate Science GPA-3.05
  • MBS GPA-3.66
  • MCAT-500
  • The professional test required for each discipline.
  • Advising of students while in the program.
  • Time management
  • Study skills
  • Adjusting to higher level science comprehension

An elective course is offered to help prepare students for the for the pre-professional or graduate level-entry test including the MCAT and GRE. The material is offered through Kaplan which includes support from a team of subject-matter experts who provide comprehensive instruction for each section of the exam.


Professional exam scores are NO LONGER required from all applicants based on their selected discipline.

  • MCAT for medicine
  • DAT for dental
  • GRE for physical therapy or physician's assistant
  • GRE or PCAT for pharmacy
  • Other professional exams as appropriate for career discipline

These exams are specific admissions requirements to the UIW MBS program. Please be sure to also review the admissions requirements for your desired professional program. Schools may have differing admissions exams requirements.

All documentation may be mailed to:
Graduate Admissions Office
4301 Broadway, CPO 285
San Antonio, TX 78209

Electronic documentation may be emailed to:

The application process opens in November and remains open until the program is filled.

  • All grades are counted into the GPA calculation.
  • The MBS Admissions Committee looks for a pattern of growth and academic progress.
  • Only two attempts of a course are permitted.
  • If there are multiple attempts, please explain the circumstances in the supplemental application.

In order for an HPAC to be counted as three letters of recommendation, it needs to include at least one letter from a health professional, one letter from a faculty member and one additional letter. Questions about letters of recommendation should be addressed to the MBS program.

Letters of recommendation can be addressed to the medical school, but keep in mind the programs are very different and vary in levels of intensity and resilience needed to be successful. Recommenders should know this when writing their letters.

Yes, unless registered in a graduate program.