Our Mission

The Community Engagement Partnership (CEP) is dedicated to fostering meaningful connections between learners and their communities. Our mission is to provide opportunities for learners to engage with community members, partners and affiliates in order to promote a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing their local communities. Through experiential learning, community service and collaborative problem-solving, we aim to empower learners to become active and engaged citizens who are committed to making positive social change.

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Track Affiliation

Learners at UIWSOM have the opportunity to align their community engagement activities with their medical interests. Each fall, learners take a Qualtrics survey and select a specialty that aligns with their field of study. The CEP Student Guide provides a more detailed look at how this works. 

Learn more about Track Affiliation

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Partner With Us

If you are a nonprofit organization, government agency or community group, we want to work with you. Our learners participate in community engagement initiatives that cover a wide range of areas, from health and wellness to sustainability, advocacy, and beyond.

To find out how to partner with us, complete our contact form.

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Sign Up For Activities

UIWSOM is proudly located in southeast San Antonio, and learners have an opportunity to engage with the local community at events and activities that directly benefit this area. Search for opportunities and sign up to volunteer at the Community Engagement Partnership GivePulse page.



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Log Your Service

Learners who have just completed their volunteer hours may need to confirm attendance, provide a reflection and submit their service hours in order to receive credit for their service. GivePulse calls this "impact" hours and provides a platform for documenting volunteer and service work. Download the instructions for logging your impacts.