Track Affiliation

At the beginning of the first and second years, students will be asked to identify with a track. The tracks have been derived from medical specialties defined by the American Board of Medical Specialties and designed to aid students in developing engagement activities specific to their interests and to assist in their goal to match with a residency program.

The track system provides a way for students to document their interest in a specialty at an early stage in their career. For any students who have not decided on a specialty, there is a selection for “Undecided.” The Office of Student Development will provide information to participants in a track regarding the expectations of residency directors and other factors to consider when deciding upon a residency match.

The track system provides a framework for developing engagement activities for students with specific interests. The tracks mirror many of the SOM student government organizations and the CEP committee and student organizations will work together to develop, publicize, recruit students and document their participation in engagement activities. The CEP provides an administrative structure to assist in all these aspects of engagement activities. Download the medical specialties list


Word cloud of responses of Class of 2026 to track survey