Preceptor Information

Are You Interested in Precepting Students?

The proposed University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine (UIW-SOM) is reaching out to engage physicians interested in being mentors, advisors and teaching medical students in the local and rural communities. “Paying it forward” will enable practicing physicians to help train the next generation of physicians and carry the whole profession forward. If you have ever thought about precepting — now is the time to step forward.

Required documents include:

  • Current Candidate Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of Texas state license (or any state license for military providers)
  • Copy of Medical board certification/s
  • Medical Liability Certificate of Insurance (COI) (n/a not required for military or FQHC providers)

Once all required documentation is received, the information is reviewed and verified to:

  • Determine if the applicant qualifies to be Adjunct Clinical Faculty
  • Assigning an appropriate and meaningful faculty rank

Credentialed Adjunct Clinical Faculty will then receive a formal letter from the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs and Administrative Affairs, welcoming them to the University and stating their academic title, and describing the benefits of participation.

Benefits for Preceptors

A major benefit to a preceptor is the professional stimulation and excitement of being involved in a dynamic educational program. For some preceptors, involvement may also be an opportunity to gain experience as teachers and renew an affiliation with the academic world. Preceptors are awarded clinical academic rank at UIWSOM, and are given access to the medical library and library services, as well as faculty development and CME programs. Adjunct faculty also receive CME credit (AOA/AMA) for precepting students. The experience of learning through working with students/professionals has been found to be an enriching one. For many preceptors, the greatest satisfaction comes from playing an essential role in the academic and professional development of our next generation of physicians.

Supporting Faculty Development

UIWSOM provides the educational support and faculty development. This assists physicians in being successful in teaching medical students. Some information is located here on the website. Adjunct Clinical Faculty will also have the support of coordinators, regional and local Site and Clerkship Directors, and others to assist you.

Thank you for considering an appointment as UIWSOM faculty. We appreciate your willingness to volunteer the time and effort necessary to provide our students with high-quality clinical experiences.