Sentry MD Compliance Guide

Sentry MD Contact Information:

Customer Support:
Document/Record Upload: SentryMD Upload Link

Sentry MD Requirements:

You can view your account status, along with any documents you have uploaded, by visiting Sentry MD.

  • Email if you cannot access your Sentry MD account
  • Red exclamation point – Missing/non-compliant
  • Blue exclamation point – Compliant right now, but more action will be needed (typically seen when you are still completing a vaccine series and titer)
  • Blue checkmark – Compliant until the date listed beside the item
  • Yellow check mark – Optional item that has not been uploaded/completed

Upload missing documentation using the SentryMD Upload Link. If you experience technical difficulties with the upload link, please email

  • Send Sentry MD customer support an email if you have questions about non-compliant items in your Sentry MD account

Complete and submit the Sentry MD Immunization Release Form (Can be found on the Current Students page)

***Annual Requirement

  • Order your Background Check and/or Drug Test using UIWSOM Background Check and Drug Test Order Link (the cost of learner background checks and drug tests ordered using this link are paid by UIWSOM) *Unless otherwise directed by UIWSOM OASA staff, only order each service once (1) annually
  • Background checks and drug tests that were not ordered using the link above, will not be accepted
  • Drug Test - Select the 10-panel (without the nicotine)
  • You will receive a pdf copy of both your background check and drug test results. You are responsible for uploading a copy of those results to Sentry MD using their upload link or email address
  • Background Check - If you have a discrepancy on your background check, you must visit Background Check and Drug Test Supplemental Information to provide information about the discrepancy
  • "Negative Dilute" Drug Test results" - Not accepted. Negative dilute results are often caused by drinking too much water prior to the drug test. Please use the Precheck order link and order a new drug test only (do not order another background check)
  • " Positive" Drug Test Results - If you test positive for one or more items, you must use Background Check and Drug Test Supplemental Information to provide information regarding the results

Contact PreCheck to get assistance with background check and drug test ordering issues
Phone: (866) 961-6587

***Annual Requirements

  • Physical Exam Form can be found on the UIWSOM Current Students page
    • Form must be dated and contain either a stamp or business card detailing the medical facility's name, address, and telephone number.
    • If provider does not have a stamp or business card, the medical facility's name, address, and telephone number must be written in the "Place Provider's Stamp Here" box
  • TB Test - Information can be found on UIWSOM Medical Services page
  • Flu Shot – Has to be completed on/after September 1st to cover the entire academic year

***Annual requirement

Upload a copy of the front and back of your UIW Health Insurance Card to Sentry MD


Upload a copy of your Wellfleet Waiver (Wellfleet email stating your waiver was approved) AND a copy of the front and back of your Insurance Card to Sentry MD

Quantitative titer results showing immunity are required for Hep B, MMR, and Varicella

  • Even if you have completed the vaccine series, a titer is required to show immunity
  • If you have to complete an entire Hep B, Varicella, and/or MMR vaccine series, upload the documentation for each dose, and Sentry MD will mark it as “In-Progress” until the next dose or titer is due
  • MMR - titer must show immunity to all three items

Upload the “Completion Report” for each course

  • Log into CITI
  • Go to “My Records”
  • Find the following course(s):
    • "School of Osteopathic Medicine Students and Residents (IPS)" (this course fulfills the HIPAA requirement)
    • "School of Osteopathic Medicine Students” (this course fulfills the OSHA requirement)
    • “Human Subject Research for Biomedical Research Investigators-Basic/Refresher” (this course covers the Biomedical Research requirement)
  • Select "Completion Record" view-print-share
    • The “Completion Report” shows the scores for the modules (upload this report to Sentry MD)

Instructions to enroll and complete missing CITI courses:

  • Log into your CITI account
  • Click "My Courses"
  • Click "View Courses" beside University of the Incarnate Word
  • Click "Add a Course"
    • For Biomedical Research
      • Select "Human Subjects Research", then click next
      • Answer the Yes or No question then click next
      • Select "Biomedical Research Investigators", then click next
    • For HIPAA
      • Select "Other Courses", then click next
      • Select "Information Privacy and Security IPS", then click next
      • Select "School of Osteopathic Medicine Students and Residents (IPS)", then click next
    • For OSHA
      • Select "Other Courses", then click next
      • Select "Biosafety/Biosecurity (BSS) courses", then click next
      • Select "School of Osteopathic Medicine Students", then click next

Contact CITI support for assistance with finding a course and completion certificate
Phone: is (888)529.5929, (Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. (EST)
Mr. Hazim Thomas is also available to assist with finding/adding a course

Obtain a digital copy of the needed card from How to Claim and View your AHA eCard | American Heart Association CPR and First Aid

If your eCard cannot be found, contact RC Health Services (