Faculty and Staff Profiles

Robyn Phillips-Madson, DO, MPH, RPh

Founding Dean and Chief Academic Officer

E-mail: rmadson@uiwtx.edu

Mary Hogan, MBA, PhD

Director of Special Projects and Facilities Liaison

E-mail: mhogan@uiwtx.edu

Rachel Bingham

Dean's Assistant

E-mail: rbingham@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 619-7077

Adam V. Ratner, MD, FACR

Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives

E-mail: ratner@uiwtx.edu

Maiya Vincent

Coordinator (Clinical and Applied Science Education)

E-mail: rvincent@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 619-7034

Destinee Flores

Administrative Assistant (MBS)

E-mail: dmflores@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 283-6375

Celeste Alvarez

Administrative Assistant (Clinical Affairs/Graduate Medical Education)

E-mail: cealvar3@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 619-7065

Ramona Ann Parker, PhD, EdM, RN

Associate Dean of Medical and Inter-Professional Education, Associate Professor

E-mail: parker@uiwtx.edu

Asma Ali, MBA

Curriculum Support Manager

E-mail: asali1@uiwtx.edu

Luis Barcenes

Library Assistant

E-mail:  barcenes@uiwtx.edu

Brenda Benedetti

Data Analyst

E-mail: alemanbe@uiwtx.edu

Carlos Camargo Jr.

Technology Support Specialist

E-mail: camargo@uiwtx.edu

Cristina Cruz

Library Assistant

E-mail: cacruz3@uiwtx.edu

Lyndsay Karimisaleh

Phase I (A) Coordinator

E-mail: karimisa@uiwtx.edu

Sarah Lang, PhD

Director of Academic Support

E-mail: slang@uiwtx.edu

Jessica Martinez-Palacios, MEd

Education Specialist

E-mail: jemarti1@uiwtx.edu

Mary Matic

Community Engagement Scheduler

E-mail: matic@uiwtx.edu

See Mary Matic's Full Bio

Venesa G. Matthews, MA

Learning Specialist

E-mail:  vgsanche@uiwtx.edu

Robert J. Miller, PhD

Director of Assessment and Program Evaluation

E-mail:  rjmille1@uiwtx.edu

Alexius Peralta

Library Assistant

E-mail:  aperalta@uiwtx.edu

Vineet Ravoori

Data Analyst

E-mail:  ravoori@uiwtx.edu

Darell Schmick, MLS

Director of Library Services

E-mail:  schmick@uiwtx.edu

Carlos L. Shepherd

Technology Support Specialist

E-mail:  clshephe@uiwtx.edu

Jamie Skinner

Phase I (B) Coordinator

E-mail:  jrskinne@uiwtx.edu

Melissa Walker, DO

Community Engagement Lead

E-mail:  mawalke1@uiwtx.edu

Steve Mifflin, PhD

Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

E-mail: mifflin@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Steve Mifflin's Full Bio

Earlanda L. Williams, PhD

CASE Chair/Director of Anatomical Science, Associate Professor

E-mail: elwilli2@uiwtx.edu

Blandine Bustamante-Helfrich, MD, MPH

Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs, Associate Professor

E-mail: bhelfric@uiwtx.edu

Sarah Akhtar

Care Manager

E-mail: akhtar@uiwtx.edu

Robert C. Allen, DO, FACEP

Assistant Professor

E-mail: rcallen@uiwtx.edu

Andriy Batchinsky, MD

Director of Translational Medicine

E-mail:  andriy.batchinsky@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Batchinsky's Full Bio

Arunabh Bhattacharya, PhD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: bhattach@uiwtx.edu

Paula Bilica, DO

Assistant Professor

E-mail: bilica@uiwtx.edu

Jessica Bradley, PhD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: jmbradle@uiwtx.edu

Carol S. Browne, DO

Associate Professor

E-mail: cbrowne@uiwtx.edu

Robert Chalk, PhD

Coordinator of Anatomical Services

E-mail: rchalk@uiwtx.edu

Mark A. Clark, PhD

Associate Professor

E-mail: maclark2@uiwtx.edu

Donald Currie, MD


E-mail: dcurrie@uiwtx.edu

Matthew Eaton, DO, MPH

Assistant Professor

E-mail: maeton@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Eaton's Full Bio

Roberto Fajardo, PhD

Associate Professor

E-mail: rfajardo@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Fajardo's Full Bio

Vincent Fonseca, MD, MPH, FACPM

Associate Professor

E-mail: vfonseca@uiwtx.edu

Jaydee Foster

Clinical Research Coordinator

E-mail: jjfoster@uiwtx.edu

See Jaydee Foster's Full Bio 

Amanda Galán-Davila, PhD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: galandav@uiwtx.edu

Jonathan Hall, DO

Assistant Professor

E-mail: jrhall@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Hall's Full Bio

Mei Li Hester

Anatomy and Laboratory Teaching Assistant

E-mail: khester@uiwtx.edu

Bernard Hildebrand, MD, FACP, FACR

Associate Professor

E-mail: bhildebr@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Hildebrand's Full Bio

Elizabeth Holguin

Research Associate

E-mail: elholgui@uiwtx.edu

See Elizabeth Holguin's Full Bio

Blaine Jacobs, PhD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: bjacobs@uiwtx.edu

Sanum Khan, MS

Anatomy and Laboratory Teaching Assistant

E-mail: sykhan@uiwtx.edu

See Sanum Khan's Full Bio

Lori Kels, MD, MPH

Associate Professor

E-mail: kels@uiwtx.edu

Bob Kiser, MD, MBA, MA, MSS, FAAFP


E-mail: wkiser@uiwtx.edu

Shannon Klump, DO

Assistant Professor

E-mail: klump@uiwtx.edu

Raul Marin, DO

Associate Professor

E-mail: rmarin@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Marin's Full Bio

Terence W. McGarvey, PhD

Associate Professor

E-mail: mcgarvey@uiwtx.edu

Christopher Medina, DO

Assistant Professor

E-mail: camedin3@uiwtx.edu

Patrick Muehlberger, MD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: muehlber@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Muehlberger's Full Bio

Irina Nizamutdinova, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: nizamutd@uiwtx.edu

Maragaret Norton, PhD, MPT

Associate Professor

E-mail: mnorton@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Norton's Full Bio

Raju Panta, MBBS, MD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: rpanta@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Panta's Full Bio

Rachel Pittman, PharmD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: rpittman@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Pittman's Full Bio

Martha Prado

Peer Specialist

E-mail: maprado@uiwtx.edu

Joseph Pulcini, MD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: pulcinia@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Pulcini's Full Bio

Adam V. Ratner, MD, FACR


E-mail: ratner@uiwtx.edu

Rene Renteria, PhD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: rcrenter@uiwtx.edu

Iris Sadowsky, DO, MS

Assistant Professor

E-mail: sadowsky@uiwtx.edu 

See Dr. Sadowsky's Full Bio

Paul Saenz, DO

Associate Professor

E-mail: spsaenz1@uiwtx.edu

Rebecca Sanchez, PhD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: rlsanche@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Sanchez's Full Bio

Emma Santa Maria, PhD

Director of Professional Development, Assistant Professor

E-mail:  ecarreon@uiwtx.edu

John Seidenfeld, MD, FACP, MSHA

Associate Professor

E-mail: seidenfe@uiwtx.edu

See Dr Seidenfeld's Full Bio

Anamika Sengupta, PhD, MEd

Master of Biomedical Sciences Director, Associate Professor

E-mail: sengupta@uiwtx.edu

Robert Slater, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor

E-mail: rslater@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Slater's Full Bio

Mary Anne Snyder, DO

Assistant Professor 

E-mail: mdsnyder@uiwtx.edu

Linda Solis, PhD

Assistant Professor

E-mail: lgsolis1@uiwtx.edu

Mia Vento

Research Administrative Assistant

E-mail: vento@uiwtx.edu

See Mia Vento's Full Bio

Christine Vidouria, DO

Assistant Professor

E-mail: vidouria@uiwtx.edu

Melissa Walker, DO

Assistant Professor

E-mail: mawalke1@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Walker's Full Bio

Douglas W. Warden, MD, FCAP

Assistant Professor

E-mail: dwarden@uiwtx.edu

Lora Watts, PhD

Associate Professor

E-mail: lwatts@uiwtx.edu

Dominique Yang-Kim, DO

Assistant Professor

E-mail: yangkim@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Yang-Kim's Full Bio

Brent Sanderlin, DO, FACOFP, FAAFP

Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs

E-mail: bsanderl@uiwtx.edu

Hans Bruntmyer, DO

Assistant Professor

E-mail:  bruntmye@uiwtx.edu

Melissa Enriquez

Site Coordinator

E-mail:  mienriq1@uiwtx.edu

John Etlinger, MD

Clerkship Director

E-mail:  etlinger@uiwtx.edu

David Garza, DO

Clerkship Director/Director of Osteopathic Recognition

E-mail: degarza2@uiwtx.edu

See Dr Garza's Full Bio

Jessica Garza

Site Coordinator

E-mail:  jggarza3@uiwtx.edu

Priscilla Gonzalez

Clinical Skills Coordinator

E-mail:  psgonzal@uiwtx.edu

Mark Gilger, MD, FAAP

Core Site Director

E-mail:  gilger@uiwtx.edu

Rene Jaso, MD

Core Site Director

E-mail:  rjaso@uiwtx.edu

Lori Kels, MD, MPH

Clerkship Director

E-mail: kels@uiwtx.edu

Scott Leggoe, DO

Clerkship Director

E-mail:  leggoe@uiwtx.edu

Scheel Nayar, DO

Core Site Director

E-mail:  snayar@uiwtx.edu

Jill Petter, MS

Director of Clinical Rotations

E-mail:  jpetter@uiwtx.edu

Leonardo Profenna, MD

Clerkship Director

E-mail:  profenna@uiwtx.edu

Frank Salazar

Phase II Coordinator

E-mail:  fasalaza@uiwtx.edu

Celeste Alvarez

Administrative Assistant

E-mail:  cealvar3@uiwtx.edu

Natalie Slater, MD

Clerkship Director

E-mail:  nslater@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Slater's Full Bio

Lydia Valdez

Site Coordinator - Laredo

E-mail:  lyvaldez@uiwtx.edu

Leticia Vargas, MD, MBA

Core Site Director

E-mail:  levargas@uiwtx.edu

Carol Wratten, MD, MBA, FACOG

Core Site Director

E-mail:  wratten@uiwtx.edu

Michael Young, CHSE

CIELO Operations Manager

E-mail:  hyoung@uiwtx.edu

Marsha Sellner

Assistant Dean of Graduate Medical Education
Designated Institutional Official (DIO)

E-mail: sellner@uiwtx.edu

Taylor Aoughsten, BS

Family Medicine Residency Coordinator – San Antonio

E-mail: aoughste@uiwtx.edu

Sara Buentello

Family Medicine Residency Coordinator – Laredo

E-mail: sabuent1@uiwtx.edu

Rafael Deliz, MD

Associate Professor

E-mail:  rdeliz@uiwtx.edu

Vincent Fonseca, MD, MPH, FACPM

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Officer

E-mail: vfonseca@uiwtx.edu

Nora Galvan

Internal Medicine Residency Coordinator – Laredo

E-mail: ngalvan@uiwtx.edu

Maria Garcia, MD

Family Medicine Associate Program Director - Laredo

E-mail: magarc43@uiwtx.edu

Amando Garza, MD

Assistant Professor

E-mail:  argarza8@uiwtx.edu


Assistant Professor, Clerkship Director

E-mail: degarza2@uiwtx.edu

See Dr. Garza's Full Bio

Bernard Hildebrand, MD, FACP, FACR

Internal Medicine Program Director – San Antonio

E-mail: bhildebr@uiwtx.edu

Brianna Ibarra-Sanchez

Psychiatry Residency Coordinator – San Antonio

Sports Medicine Fellowship Coordinator – San Antonio

E-mail: bibarra@uiwtx.edu

See Brianna Ibarra-Sanchez's Full Bio

Melissa Jacaman, MD

Family Medicine Program Director - Laredo

E-mail: mjacaman@uiwtx.edu

Grace McNutt, MD

Internal Medicine Program Director – Laredo

E-mail: gmcnutt@uiwtx.edu

Jason Miller, DO

Psychiatry Program Director – Southwest General Hospital

E-mail: jcmiller@uiwtx.edu

Michael J. Mohr, MS, DO, FAAFP

Family Medicine Program Director – San Antonio

E-mail:  mjmohr@uiwtx.edu

Damaso Oliva, MD, FACP

Associate Psychiatry Program Director

E-mail:  doliva@uiwtx.edu

Paul Saenz, DO

Sports Medicine Associate Fellowship Director – San Antonio

E-mail:  spsaenz1@uiwtx.edu

Hector Santos, MD

Assistant Professor

E-mail:  hsantos@uiwtx.edu

Lyndsay Stephens, DO

Sports Medicine Fellowship Faculty


Selena Stuart, MD

Assistant Professor

E-mail:  sjstuart@uiwtx.edu

Bridget Thackeray, DO

Family Medicine Associate Program Director – San Antonio

E-mail:  thackera@uiwtx.edu

Eliot Young, MD

Sports Medicine Fellowship Director – San Antonio

E-mail:  ejyoung@uiwtx.edu

Paolo Zavala, MD

Assistant Professor

E-mail:  zavalage@uiwtx.edu

Andrea Cyterski-Acosta

Associate Dean Admissions and Student Affairs

E-mail: cyterski@uiwtx.edu

Sonia Winney, MA

Director of Admissions and Recruitment

E-mail: winney@uiwtx.edu

Celia Velez, MBA

Director of Enrollment Services

E-mail: cavelez1@uiwtx.edu

Pamela Moreno, PhD, RN

Director of Student Affairs

E-mail: pamoreno@uiwtx.edu

Stacy Waterman, PhD

UIWSOM Manager of Behavioral Health

E-mail: sperez4@uiwtx.edu

Alexander Portillo, LPCS

Clinical Counselor

E-mail: alportil@uiwtx.edu

Gilbert Hernandez

Recruitment Coordinator

E-mail: giherna1@uiwtx.edu

Rochelle Valera

Admissions Recruiter

E-mail: valera@uiwtx.edu

Martin Timoney, MA, MS

Career Counselor

E-mail: timoney@uiwtx.edu

Alexandra Shipley

Student Affairs Coordinator

E-mail: ashipley@uiwtx.edu

Sally Tobin

Administrative Assistant- Admissions

E-mail: atobin@uiwtx.edu

Emma Gahan

Administrative Assistant- Student Affairs

E-mail: gahan@uiwtx.edu

David E Garza, DO, MS, MEdL

UIW Clinic Medical Director

E-mail: degarza2@uiwtx.edu

Ronda Gottlieb, DNP

Director of Clinical Health

E-mail: rgottlie@uiwtx.edu

Christie Melonson, MA/LPC-S, PhD

Director Counseling Services

E-mail: melonson@uiwtx.edu

Kevin Milligan, PhD, LPC

Assistant Director Counseling Services

E-mail: kmilliga@uiwtx.edu

Stephen Cavazos, DNP

Nurse Practitioner

E-mail: sacavazo@uiwtx.edu

Juan Gonzalez

Administrative Coordinator/Biller

E-mail: jegonz14@uiwtx.edu

Lori Kels, MD, MPH


E-mail: kels@uiwtx.edu

Maria Medina-Calvo

Office Manager/RN

E-mail: medinaca@uiwtx.edu

William H. Pinkley, MD, MBA


E-mail: pinkley@uiwtx.edu

Diana Puente

Medical Assistant

E-mail: dipuente@uiwtx.edu

Rosalva Richardson

Clinical Counselor

E-mail: rrrichar@uiwtx.edu

Lisa Rivera, PhD

Clinical Counselor

E-mail: lmrivera@uiwtx.edu

Yolanda Salazar-Castillo

Medical Assistant

E-mail: yosalaza@uiwtx.edu