Jill Petter, MS

Director of Credentialing Services

In her role as Director of Credentialing Services, Jill Petter ensures that hospitals and clinical sites where UIWSOM's medical students rotate in their 3rd and 4th years of education are appropriately credentialed, ensuring continued partnership with UIWSOM. In addition, Jill also manages the process of credentialing the numerous physicians in various specialties who serve as or wish to serve as Preceptors for the School of Medicine ensuring that their connection to UIWSOM remains consistent throughout their time as educators to UIWSOM's learners.

Prior to joining the staff at UIWSOM, Jill worked at Midland College's TCOM branch of the Primary Clinical Pathway Program as the Community Based Educator. During her six years there, she collaborated with Midland Memorial Hospital and the University of North Texas to recruit medical students for the West Texas Region.

Jill Petter is from West Texas and is married to Jeff Petter. They live on a farm with two dogs and two horses. She loves to be outside working and spending time with friends and family.